Remote Access:

Coltontel has the ability through the use of a piece of software to remote into your PC. This tool is to be used when working with a technician over the phone. It gives us the ability to see what you see, control your pc through your mouse and keyboard. It requires you initiate the connection. It loads nothing on your PC. Once you close the program it is no longer running. There is nothing left running on your PC. The connection used with this software is secure and encrypted.

This program will allow us to remotely connect to your computer and see your screen and control you keyboard and mouse. We are local in COLTON, OR


With a COLTONTEL Technician on the phone click they will give you a code to enter into the white box.

The COLTONTEL Technician will then have control of your PC and see everything you do and have control of your PC. So just sit back and they will move your mouse and you can watch what they do.